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Changsha ewers

Stoneware on the Silk Roads:
Ceramics from the Changsha Kilns

Khanga Cloth

Cultures, Contexts, & Collectors

Nahua Jaguar Mask

Masks of the World

Hinduism Exhibit

Faith: Five World Religions

Un-Writing World History Exhibit

Un-Writing World History

Nepalese Painting

Healing Arts

Horses and the Human Experience Exhibit

Horses and the Human Experience

Ties that Bind: Wedding Customs from around the World

Paper mache figures

Day of the Dead: Artifact Profiles

Inuit family

Becoming Moravian

Comanche Hide Robe

At Home on the Plains

Hina Matsuri Doll display

Hinamatsuri: Doll’s Day in Japan

Human evolution exhibit

Human Evolution: Hot Topics in Paleoanthropology

Sago Jar

Exchange in Melanesia

oil lamps

The Private Lives of Pots

Comanche Hide Robe

Animal Origin: Tokens & Tools from Faunal Remains

tripod bowl

Experiences of Colonialism in Latin America

Hopi pot

Living Arts of the Hopi

Tibetan rug

Saddle Rugs and Tibetan Culture