Studying WFU Student Engagement

By Chloe Edelman (‘26) As an internship project during the spring semester, I conducted a survey of Wake Forest students to evaluate their perception of the Lam Museum. The survey was designed to be short yet widely distributed. I solicited stakeholders from a range of […]

Focusing on Photogrammetry

At the beginning of the spring semester, the Lam Museum, with support from the Wake Forest Interdisciplinary Arts Center, Wake the Arts, and the Art and Antiquities Blockchain Consortium, hosted Dr. Ferdinand Saumarez Smith of the Factum Foundation. The focus of his visit was using […]

Commemorating the Holocaust

Commemoration is a process that involves witness, preservation, interpretation, and performance. This process calls upon human creativity, commitment, emotional connection, and contemporary context. Literature, music, and performance work together to open a window across space and time for generations to connect with one another.  Through […]

Renowned Archaeologist Dr. Becca Peixotto to Speak at the Museum

On Thursday, September 28, at 6:00pm, archaeologist Dr. Becca Peixotto will present “Excavating Our Origins” at the Lam Museum of Anthropology.  Dr. Peixotto was a member of the Rising Star Expedition, a joint project sponsored by the National Geographic Society and the University of the […]

Museum Acquires New Collection

The Lam Museum is excited to announce its partnership with the University of North Carolina Wilmington to acquire a significant portion of their Museum of World Cultures collection. Founded in 1981, the Museum of World Cultures was the project of Dr. Gerald H. Shinn, professor […]