Maya Huipil

A huipil is a rectangular blouse that makes up part of a Maya women’s traditional outfit. The word huipil comes from the Nahuatl (Aztec) language, and blouses in this style have been worn by indigenous Mesoamerican women for more than one thousand years. This huipil […]

Japanese Carpentry Tool

This traditional Japanese tool is known as a sumitsubo. In English, the name translates to ink pot, but it is also referred to as an ink line or ink line reel. It is used to mark lines on wood, similar to chalk lines often used […]

Kuba Thumb Piano

Thumb pianos are most commonly known as mbira, a name that comes from the Shona language of Zimbabwe. They use a resonating chamber, such as a wooden box, stiffened leather, or even a large gourd, to amplify their sound. They are playing by holding the […]

Aboriginal Australian Dot Painting

Aboriginal Australians have one of the oldest continuous cultures in the world. Their art, going back to ancient rock and cave paintings believed to have been made by ancestral spiritual beings, is an important part of their heritage. Dot painting has its roots in these […]

Somali Headrest

Headrests are used by many people around the world during sleep. This type of headrest, known as a barkin, is used by nomadic Somali and Aweer (Boni) people in southern Somalia and eastern Kenya. In Somali culture, headrests are used by both men and women. […]