Museum Closed for Winter Break

December 9 - January 1

The Museum will be closed Saturday, December 9 through Monday, January 1 for Winter Break.

Words, Music, Memory Exhibit Opens

January 2

Words, Music, Memory: Re(presenting) Voices of the Holocaust opens. The exhibit will be on display through March 2.

Closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 13-15

The Museum will be closed Saturday, January 13 through Monday, January 15 for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Headrests: The Exhibit Opens

January 16

Headrests: The Exhibit opens. The exhibit will be on display through September 21.

Rituals of Chinese Tea

January 20, 1:00-3:00pm

Members of the WFU World Tea Association will talk with visitors about the world of tea during this free drop-in event. Attendees will be able to taste several varieties of Chinese tea, view demonstrations of the Gongfu tea ceremony, and ask questions about tea. Visitors can also enjoy the exhibit “Take Time: Tea and Mindfulness” which presents the history and spread of tea cultivation through ancient artifacts and contemporary teawares.

This event is presented in partnership with Piedmont Opera’s “Girls of Yellow Diamonds.”

Lunch & Learn: Bura Archaeology

January 22, 12:00pm-1:00pm

This informal lecture introduces the archaeological complex of Bura-Asinda-Sikka, a group of cemeteries in Niger used between 200 and 1000 CE. After their discovery in 1975, the sites were rapidly looted which led to ceramic jars and effigy heads flooding the global art market. Learn how Dr. Andrew Gurstelle and the Lam Museum are working with a team of experts to document this history, recover and catalog artifacts, and prepare for repatriation back to the artifacts’ place of origin. Attendees are welcome to bring their own bag lunch, drinks and dessert will be provided. Admission is free.

African Exhibits Open

January 23

All the King’s Men: Status and Power in Africa and Beyond Drumming: African Musical Instruments open. The exhibits will be on display through January 25, 2025.


Digital Replication and Repatriation: The Bakor Monoliths of Cross River State, Nigeria

January 23, 6:00pm

Debates about ownership and repatriation of cultural property are often presented as a zero-sum-game. But with the advent of digital technologies for recording and replicating surfaces – 3D scanning and printing, CNC-milling – this state of affairs is changing. In this lecture, Ferdinand Saumarez Smith of the Factum Foundation will explore these issues through the Bakor monoliths, a unique sculptural heritage in southeast Nigeria that Factum Foundation has worked to preserve since 2016, and the Bura heads from Niger in the collection of the Lam Museum of Anthropology. This event is sponsored by the Office of the Provost and presented in partnership with the Art and Antiquities Blockchain Consortium.