Curriculum-Based Programs

The Lam Museum offers a variety of hands-on curriculum-based programs for grades K through 12. Programs use artifacts from the Museum’s collections to teach students about peoples and cultures of the world. All programs are designed to support the Competency Goals and Objectives of the NC Standard Course of Study.

Education Program

Curriculum-based programs are available in the Museum for all groups and as outreach programs at locations within a 30 mile radius of the Wake Forest University campus. Programs are also available online via Zoom or the platform of your choice.

Program Offerings

Program descriptions and the curriculum standards they meet can be found here:
Elementary School Programs
Middle School Programs
High School Programs

Although the programs are designed for specific grade levels, they can be modified to accommodate students of any age. Please let the Museum know if any modifications are needed to accommodate students with disabilities. If there is a topic that you would like covered that is not listed here, please contact Museum Educator Tina Smith at 336.758.5643 or to discuss creating a customized program.


The fee for curriculum-based programs is $4 per student. There is no charge for accompanying teachers and adults. There is a minimum fee of $80 per program (i.e. if a program has fewer than 20 students, you will pay the minimum fee). For outreach programs, a flat fee will be added to cover the Educator’s mileage to and from the school. For online programs, fees are $30 for a 30 minute program or $50 for 45-60 minutes. For special programs that include an in-depth craft project the fee will be $5 per student with a $100 minimum.

The total fee is payable by cash, credit card, or check to the Lam Museum of Anthropology. Credit cards are accepted onsite only. Payment is due at the time of the program unless other arrangements have been made. An invoice will be included in a confirmation email four to six weeks before your program.

Self-guided tours of the Museum exhibits are free.


The Museum can accommodate groups of up to 150 at a time with a rotation that includes the program, a scavenger hunt in the Museum galleries, and an additional outdoor activity of your choice. A maximum of 50 children can be in the program at one time. The capacity of outreach programs is at the discretion of the school, although for the best experience we recommend a limit of 50.

Make a Reservation

Reservations are required for any group, whether you would like a curriculum-based program or a self-guided tour. Groups without a reservation may be turned away. Reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Programs can be scheduled Monday through Friday during school hours.

Make your reservation by calling 336.758.5282 or emailing