Lecture: Excavating Our Origins

September 28, 6pm

Four years ago, archaeologist Dr. Becca Peixotto and colleagues at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa boarded a plane bound for Texas with unusual items in their carry-ons: fossils of two ancient human relatives.  It wasn’t the first time Dr. Peixotto had carefully packed the bones of Homo naledi for a remarkable trip: she was part of the team of scientists who helped excavate the 250,000-year-old fossils from deep underground in a cave in South Africa.  In this talk, she will share the journey from the complex and narrow passages of the cave to a temporary exhibition 9,000 miles away, the science of the discoveries, and the importance of the spirit of curiosity, exploration, and risk taking. Admission is free.

This lecture is sponsored by the WFU Program for Leadership and Character.